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Thanks to our thousands of customers since 2012 but we are now closed.

Sorry for the lacklustre shipping times, the guys above us on google “noopept australia” have the same prices and better service.

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Welcome to Noopept Australia.

WE LOVE NOOPEPT. Buy pure Noopept powder online here. We sell Noopept within Australia (Melbourne based) and now have the lowest price in Australia guaranteed. Our quality is insurmountable and we always carry a third party certificate of analysis (COA) of our Noopept to ensure our valued customers get what they bargain for.

Due to our large volume of sales we have been able to secure a great new price for all our regular customers as well as new customers. Orders are now shipping at normal speed as we have cleared an import issue and are now free to trade. Yes, we ship worldwide too. Customers looked for capsules for Noopept should seek a capsule machine on eBay as capped Noopept is expensive and it’s very easy to do. Buy powder.

We are now the lowest price vendors of Noopept in Australia, guaranteed.

Noopept Pricing:

We have recently changed our prices are now the most competitive in the market.

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NEW Prices

Grams Price $/Gram
10 $32.00 $3.20
20 $58.00 $2.90
50 $137.00 $2.74
100 $240.00 $2.40
200 $427.00 $2.14
500 $970.00 $1.94

Competitor Pricing

Grams Price* $/Gram
10 $40.00 $4.00
20 $66.00 $3.30


*Including their shipping. We ship for free.

We highly recommend not buying capsules. You will pay upwards of $15 per gram.

Premium Noopept Source

After 3 years of distributing Noopept in Australia and sampling the competition, we guarantee our Noopept to be the best quality around the World. In fact, our Noopept has been tested – not only by the manufacturer, but we have had it third party analysed (HPLC Assay) in the United States at >99% Purity.

We GUARANTEE our Noopept to be the absolute best – free from impurities and with absolutely no added fillers. Ask your previous supplier for their third party laboratory reports – we can assure you that none of them have had their imported noopept HPLC assayed. Ours is the best.

Buy Noopept Powder Online Australia

Free Shipping

Enjoy free shipping worldwide from our Melbourne based store.

Secure Checkout

Check out securely via Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Guaranteed Purity

Our Noopept is 99% pure. We encourage you to assay your product.

You absolutely must be 18 years or over to use this site or make any purchases. Orders made by persons the age of 18 will be immediately rejected & refunded.

Here is a breakdown of what has on offer for you.

Grams $AUD AUD/gram $USD USD/gram Shipping HPLC assay
10 $32.00 $3.20 $22.72 $2.27 FREE 99.00%
20 $58.00 $2.90 $41.18 $2.06 FREE 99.00%
50 $137.00 $2.74 $97.27 $1.95 FREE 99.00%
100 $240.00 $2.40 $170.40 $1.70 FREE 99.00%
200 $427.00 $2.14 $303.17 $1.52 FREE 99.00%
500 $970.00 $1.94 $688.70 $1.38 FREE 99.00%
1000 $1,770.00 $1.77 $1,256.70 $1.26 FREE 99.00%
2000 $2,470.00 $1.24 $1,753.70 $0.88 FREE 99.00%